The 2011 Rugby World Cup is just around the corner and we can't wait for it to start. To sufficiently whet our appetites in the office, we've argued and debated (punches were nearly thrown) which are the Top 5 Rugby World Cup 2011 apps for the iPhone.

So if you want to get closer to a World Cup that is being played on the exact opposite side of the world to us, then we suggest you download the hell out of these five apps and make your iPhone earn its keep by using them non stop, until New Zealand inevitably win their first Rugby World Cup on home soil.

Swing low…

Official Rugby World Cup 2011 App - Free
 Official Rugby World Cup 2011 App

What better way to kick things off than with the official Official Rugby World Cup 2011 App. This app has everything you could possibly need on it, including; latest news, fixtures and results, video, all the Pool Tables, Knock Out rounds info and finally profiles of all 20 teams and 12 venues.

Download the app here.

IRB Laws of Rugby - Free

IRB Laws of Rugby app You could spend your whole life watching rugby on TV and still not understand what all the fouls and penalties are given for - even the commentators and players are clueless sometimes, such is the complexity of the rules. Luckily the International Rugby Board have addressed this in the form of a free app. Download this and you'll have at least some idea what the ref is blowing for.

Download the app here.

Rugby Kicks - Free

Rugby Kicks App Whet your appetite for the big games of the World Cup with this superb rugby conversions game. The aim of the is to use your trusty right boot (finger) to kick (flick) your way from Sunday league rugby to rugby's elite. The game is fast paced and stupidly addictive, so if you do download it, say goodbye to your battery life.

Download the app here.

Sky Go - Free

Sky Go App It's unbelievable that you can watch live TV on your phone. It still seems like one of those futuristic things like Back to the Future's hover-boards. But it is here now and it's fantastic. If you're a Sky Sports subscriber you can download this app for free and watch the Rugby World Cup live, no matter where you are. Which is perfect considering the time difference in New Zealand means that you'll be just starting work or snoozing in bed for most of the games.

Download the app here.


Official Rugby Football Union App - Free

Official Rugby Football Union App Before you start, we're not being bias towards England. We just using them as an example. There are also dedicated apps available for all of the home nations. Which is great, because no matter who you support you can follow all of the latest news, live scores and results of your nations Rugby World Cup campaign at the touch of an app.

Download the England app here.