With hard drive now larger than ever, it makes sense to use partitions to divide them up. This makes it much easier to organise documents and files on different drives, but also makes it easier to reinstall Windows without the need to create a new backup of data. Partitioning is also useful if you intend to install more than one operating system on the same computer. However, you don't need to purchase expensive partitioning software. Here's five free utilities that'll help you spilt your drive up exactly how you need to.

Partition Logic 0.7

Partition Logic is a free hard drive partition management tool that can create, delete, wipe, format, resize, copy and move your partitions.

Paragon Partition Manager Free 2010

Paragon Partition Manager Free 2010 is free software designed for home users who just want to create or re-size existing partitions.

[email protected] Partition Manager 1.3

[email protected] Partition Manager is a lightweight and entirely free tool that will help you take control of your drive's partitions.

Most of its functions are quite basic. You can only create, format and delete partitions, for instance: there are none of the more advanced options, like resizing or moving partitions, that you'll find in more complete commercial tools. And file system support is restricted to the essentials only (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS).

Partition Wizard Home Edition 6.0

Partition Wizard Home Edition is free partitioning software for home users and it enables you to do all the basics. However, you can also re-assign a drive letter to your new partition, recover accidentally deleted and formatted partitions, copy a partition to another drive and so much more.

EASEUS Partition Master Home 8.0.1

EASEUS Partition Master  is available free of charge and features a graphic user interface that makes it easy to work with partitions. Using the program it is possible to resize, create, delete, move, merge and split partitions with ease. Most importantly, partitioning tasks can be performed without the need to format your hard drive and without the risk of data loss.