The UK may well be on the way out of the recession but that doesn't mean you should stop saving money. Following the news that O2 has launched the Priority Moments app that lets its customers find money saving deals and special offers nearby by using the handset's GPS to identify the user's location, we've trawled trough the thousands of apps on the iTunes app store to bring five of the best iPhone apps that will help you save money.


A messenger service, similar to BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp costs 69p for iPhone users. The messenger is cross platform so users can chat to other smartphone users no matter what operating system their handset runs. The service, which uses Wi-Fi or data connection to send messages meaning the won't count towards any SMS or calling bundles you have, also lets users send multimedia for free, great if your network doesn't include MMS in free text bundles.


If you use the Tube and you're more than 15 minutes late, you are entitled to claim compensation from London Underground. However, many people don't know how long their journey is supposed to take in the first place, or can't be bothered to request and fill in the forms if they are delayed. However, with the 69p TubeTap app, you can log your journey when you start it and finish and then if you're delayed, the app will submits a refund request to Transport for London automatically. A refund voucher is then sent directly to customer.


Online discount and vouchers site has a free iPhone app that works in a similar way to O2's Priority Moments by using a smarthone's GPS to identify a user's location and then provide the vouchers straight to your smartphone. Great, if you've forgotten to print a voucher.


This 69p app will offer users the geographic number in place of any 0870 you want to call from your smartphone, as these numbers are usually excluded from calling bundles.

This £2.99 app is from the people behind and offers the location and price of fuel at 11,000 petrol stations across the UK, which means you'll be able to identify the location of the cheapest fuel nearest to you.