Before you reach for your wallet ready to fork out for a Sat Nav, its worth considering investing in an app for your Apple smartphone that will also provide you with turn-by-turn navigation.

There's plenty of apps available that utilise the Apple iPhone's GPS to pinpoint the user's location and then offer audio and visual navigation on the handset for a fraction of the cost. Some of them are even free, so we've rounded up our five favourite free Sat Nav iPhone apps.

Skobbler UK/Ireland Lite

Skobbler utilises OpenStreetMap (OSM), a Wikipedia of free maps that's updated by around 250,000 users. As well as offering turn-by turn visual and audio navigation, the app also encourages users to make corrections and update the maps, to make "outdated and poorly detailed maps a thing of the past". The only snag is that this free version of Skobbler is supported by adverts.

NavFree GPS UK & ROI

This free app offers turn-by-turn navigation through audio and on-screen instructions, along with offline map access and live search from Microsoft Bing and Google. Like Skobbler, the maps are provided by


Originally launched for Windows Phone, a version of Global Navigator has now been made available for iPhone users. Utilising Google Maps, the app provides turn-by-turn audio and visual navigation that covers 193 countries and 20 different languages.

Cycle Maps

Utilising information from OpenCycleMaps, the app helps cyclists map their perfect route using cycle paths and low-intensity roads, rather than traditional car routes provided by other Sat Nav apps. Cycle Maps also uses a handset's GPS to track the user's location and update them on their progress.

Heads Up Navigation

When you're a pedestrian, it can be difficult to work out which way you're facing on a map. However, this app utilises your iPhone's camera to provide a real-time view of your surroundings and then overlaying floating 3D labels, so you can follow directions easily.