There's no denying YouTube is great, whether you just fancy whiling away a few hours watching clips of people falling over, or you fancy promoting your business with some interesting short films. However, with these five downloads you can get more from the Google owned-sharing site.

Tube Explorer Lite 3.2

Tube Explorer Lite is a free tool which has been designed to make it easier to search for and view videos hosted on YouTube, Google Video and Yahoo Video as well as a providing you with the option to download videos to your desktop.

It is easy to browse for videos, looking through the Most Popular category or performing searches. Any videos you are interested in and would like to watch later can be quickly bookmarked and any would like to keep can be downloaded in a couple of clicks.

YouChoob 1.11

YouChoob is a tiny portable application that makes it quick and easy to download a local copy of your favourite YouTube video.

Just paste the video URL into the program, click Download, and after asking you where to save the video, YouChoob will immediately start downloading the file. It automatically chooses the highest possible resolution, which is handy, and a small preview window shows an early frame, useful as reassurance that you're downloading the right clip.

KooLoader 2.6

And if you used YouChoob to download a number of videos from the site, why not use KooLoader  to manage those downloads.

The program monitors your clipboard for download links. If you'd like to grab a file, simply paste its URL there (both HTTP and FTP are supported), click Yes on the alert window that will be displayed, and the download will begin. KooLoader will by default break your file into four segments, then download each of these in parallel to improve performance. This worked well for us, although you can increase this to 8 segments if you prefer for perhaps even more speed.

ProgDVB 6.63.2 Standard (64-bit)

ProgDVB is a powerful tool that allows you to watch digital TV, listen to digital radio, play internet TV streams and even search, view and record YouTube videos.

Cooliris 1.12 for Firefox

Cooliris is a powerful browser add-on that provides a stylish 3D image browser for a host of popular websites, including YouTube.

You might have just carried out a search at Google Images, say, and you're looking at the results. Click the Cooliris button on your browser toolbar, and the usual layout of thumbnails disappears, to be replaced by a 3D video wall of the images. It looks great, and if you want to see more then you simply drag the images to the left and the wall scrolls accordingly, revealing just as many pictures as you need.