When it comes to backup and replication, Veeam has found encryption is one of the most requested feature by businesses.

Product strategy specialist, Rick Vanover, said that functionality became a priority for CloudConnect in Availability Suite v8.

"A lot things had to happen to make CloudConnect work, and adding our own encryption helped with that," he said.

Vanover said it was not enough simply to add encryption as a checkbox on the product to say it also encrypts data.

"We did it to help protect people against losing their password," he said.

If the password to the encrypted data is lost, that typically means that the data is already lost.

What Veeam has done is add a mechanism to CloudConnect that can recover the encrypted data even if the password is lost.

"It does not necessarily mean people need to stop managing passwords correctly, but it something goes wrong we have a way," Vanover said.

Timing of announcement

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Availability Suite v8 and CloudConnect were both announced at Veeam's first partner conference, VeeamOn, in Las Vegas, and Vanover said it was no coincidence.

"Historically our major releases have been as early as August or late as December in the last four years, so this event has become a good vehicle for announcements," he said.

"When you look at the year in a calendar, this event matches the product development cycle and fits well into the industry eco-systems we play in."

The timing of the announcements is also based on changes in Veeam's eco-system, such as adding support for Hyper-V Server 2012 R2.

"Not only do we have to add new features, but we also need work with the eco-system," Vanover said.

Looking ahead, Vanover expects VeeamON to act as a "delivery mechanism" for product announcements every October.

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