IT services provider, Datacom, has created a new division, Datacom Solutions that will be led by newly appointed Jonathan Usher. Datacom Group CEO, Jonathan Ladd, said Usher will lead the new division that is focused on developing and taking to market solutions for key vertical industries, built on Datacom's own IP as well as drawing on capabilities from third party partnerships.

Prior to joining Datacom, Usher worked for Telecom New Zealand and at Microsoft's US-headquarters as its first telecom industry marketing manager. He then moved across to its Windows Digital Media Division leading its global marketing organisation. He is currently based in Wellington, New Zealand.

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On his new role, Usher said he has the opportunity to help Datacom advance in key industries and markets.

"With Datacom's extensive geographic base across Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and the Philippines, and our software capabilities, we are positioned to support our customers to best achieve their business goals," Usher said.