Businesses no longer have to choose between expensive, over-complex PDF editors and restrictive, low-end PDF tools, thanks to Wondershare PDFelement.

In the drive to use less paper and adopt more efficient workflows, many businesses – even smaller businesses – are making more use of PDFs. Sadly, doing so isn’t always easy. While it’s not hard to find free apps to read PDF files, finding effective tools to edit PDF can be a lot more challenging. On the one hand, the big-name professional packages are expensive, with complex features and interfaces that go beyond the average small business’s requirements or expertise. On the other, many low-end editing tools either only offer limited functionality or struggle to maintain accurate formatting. When the whole point of PDF is to ensure that documents look the same to every viewer on every screen, that’s just not good enough.

What businesses need is a third way forward; one that gives them serious PDF- editing power, but without the cost or complexity of tools like Acrobat. Wondershare PDFelement gives small businesses that better option. As well as advanced PDF editing and form handling features, it packs in powerful batch-conversion tools and even optional document scanning, PDF conversion and optical character recognition (OCR). What’s more, it does it all from with one intuitive interface with a look and feel of a mainstream office suite.

PDF Editing As It Should Be

Whatever tool you use, editing PDFs can be a pain, often limiting you to working line-by-line and punishing you for making more than minor edits, even failing to preserve document formatting, so that your edits wreck the flow or stick out like a sore thumb. PDFelement does things differently. You can select text in a paragraph as well as in a single line, then add and remove words, change a sentence or add a clause, watching as the text flows onto subsequent lines naturally.

It’s easy. Just click on the paragraph you want to change and you’ll see a new bounding box surround it. You can move the cursor just like you would in Microsoft Word, then change as much or as little as you need to. PDFelement will match the current font, text size and formatting automatically, or you can change them at will using the familiar Word-like drop-down menus. You can even rearrange text just by clicking and dragging, or switch between paragraph-editing and line-editing modes at a click of a radio button.

It sounds like a small thing, but it makes a real difference. With PDFelement, you’re no longer limited to minor edits like a spelling error or punctuation fix, but there’s no need to switch back and forth between document editing and PDF-conversion apps just for a few simple changes. In fact, you can modify text and images or even crop, replace and remove pages without having to move to another package.

Pro-level features, made easy

Such seamless, no-trouble editing is a big enough win, but PDFelement does even more to enhance PDF workflows. Powerful form-handling features enable users to create and edit forms with fillable text fields, buttons and drop down-lists, or fill them out and sign them digitally. From expenses claims to HR forms and purchase orders, it becomes easier than ever to make paper-based processes digital.

PDFelement also makes short work of reviewing PDF documents, through the kind of advanced commenting, mark-up and annotation tools you just don’t get in many free or entry-level packages.

Most of all, PDFelement is flexible and versatile, working as a one-stop solution for every PDF need. You can create documents using your existing applications – including Word, Excel and PowerPoint – then convert them to PDF with ease, either alone or in batches of up to 500 PDF files at a time. Converting image files isn’t any more challenging, with support for all the major file formats. If you need to convert the other way, that’s not a problem; you can convert PDFs to PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML or RTF files. What’s more, you can scan paper-based documents and, with the optional plug-in, OCR the text and convert to PDF from within the same package. Most of the world’s most common languages are supported. Affordable and accessible, PDFelement can transform how any business uses PDF.

PDFelement is available for Windows, MacOS and iOS devices.

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