The Nanning municipal government in China has deployed the PolycomRealPresence Platform for the new city emergency response system (CERS), said Polycom Monday.

The city's emergency workers will use Polycom's video solutions to reduce communications errors during crises, and accelerate potentially life-saving decision making, Polycom noted.

The CERS deployment spans multiple city and regional departments, including the public security bureau, fire department, accident and emergency services, police force, flood prevention, and forest protection department, according to Polycom.

The Polycom-powered CERS enables emergency personnel to communicate in high-definition video over a vast area of urban and rural China that encompasses 22,080 square kilometers, the vendor said.

In addition to supporting video conferencing, the Polycom platform enables workers to transmit live images in high definition from the field to help decision makers understand the severity of situations and ensure that resources are deployed in the most effective manner, the firm added.

CERS includes a system that collects images of all streets, roads and traffic intersections in the region to help first responders understand traffic conditions and determine the most expedient routes to emergency locations, Polycom said, adding that the Nanning municipal government has also installed a variety of video collaboration endpoints, including HDX 7000, VVX1500, and RMX 2000.