Capgemini has launched an on-demand analytics platform via Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give companies a cost-effective way to handle their Big Data.

Capgemini's Elastic Analytics offering is billed as "an enterprise-ready solution that includes the infrastructure, management, security, support and maintenance to run analytics in a cloud environment".

Elastic Analytics is also said to support most leading business intelligence software packages run by companies, to allow for easier integrated analytics working in the cloud.

"This allows customers to take full advantage of the most powerful aspect of cloud computing - the consumption-based model - while maintaining the same look and feel to applications as if they were running in customers' own data centres," said Capgemini.

The offering can combine large source sets of structured and unstructured data using existing ETL technologies and the AWS Hadoop-based Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) system to extract and merge the data. Users will then be able to gain business insights from their data.

Scott Schlesinger, senior vice president for business information management at Capgemini, said: "Organisations are continuously looking for optimised solutions that deliver shorter 'time-to-value' advanced analytics. AWS is a highly adaptable and extensible platform that rapidly offers organisations the ability to launch and sustain their advanced analytics initiatives."