Enterprise cloud storage provider Box has announced that it will use six co-located Equinix data centres to better serve its business customers in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Already, 40% of Box's 11 million users and 20% of its revenue come from outside of America, but until now all of its data centre capacity has been located inside the US, causing potential compliance issues for companies that deal with sensitive information.

Under the new deal, Box will now run in Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centres in Chicago, Ashburn (Virginia), Amsterdam, Sydney, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The company also has infrastructure in an Equinix facility in Silicon Valley.

By having a distributed network of data centres, Box does not only enable its customers to comply with data privacy regulations but is also able to safeguard its infrastructure and improve performance.

According to research firm Neustar, "Platform Equinix" delivers up to 10 times faster upload speeds than competitive solutions, and will enable Box to achieve a 60 percent increase in performance.

All Equinix IBX data centres boast full UPS power, back-up systems, and N+1 (or greater) redundancy with 99.999% uptime. They are also equipped to deal with power-hungry deployments, thanks to robust heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

The company's global network of IBX data centres currently houses 900 networks, over 500 IT service providers and over 300 internet service providers (ISPs), making it easy for IBX tenants to work with each other.

According to Stefan Apitz, vice president of operations at Box, this was one of the main reasons for choosing Equinix.

"Having our largest customers just a cross connect away helps us forge stronger business relationships. Other colocation sites give you four walls. Equinix is a partner that cares about our business and helps us connect with a global marketplace of partners and customers," he said.

Box already operates a global data-transfer network called Accelerator, which allows business users around the world to upload files faster without storing any data at the endpoints.

The network has geographically distributed upload endpoints, featuring end-to-end encryption as well as patent-pending routing and optimisation technology.

The news follows the announcement last week that Box is teaming up with mobile operator Deutsch Telekom to bring its cloud-based collaboration solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Germany and other European markets.

Under the terms of the deal, Deutsch Telekom offer Box as a "trusted, validated and supported solution" in its Business Marketplace - the company's new platform that helps SMBs find, purchase and manage cloud-based software solutions.

Box also opened a European headquarters in London earlier this year, and announced its intention to hire 100 people in the region by the end of 2013.