Best iPhone weather apps

Want to check the weather on your iPhone? Well as the cringeworthy saying goes "there's an app for that". This is where we tell you what we think are the best weather apps for iPhone.

Best iPhone weather apps

Weather + 1) Weather +

Weather + for iPhone is probably one of the best looking apps around. This app is no bimbo though, its weather forecasts are excellent too. So if you're looking for a beautiful weather app that provides you with all the forecast information you could think of, then you should be downloading Weather + as soon as you can.

Met Office Weather Application 2) Met Office Weather Application

This app from the Met Office uses your handset's GPS to offer a weather report for your current location. Users can also access national weather maps, five-day forecasts and even rainfall radars.

Digital Weather Station Free 3) Digital Weather Station Free

Digital Weather Station Free not only provides users with the outdoor temperature for their current location, it also offers the current wind speed and humidity.

Marine Weather Right Now 4) Marine Weather Right Now

If you're into fishing, or work on a boat for a living, then this app could be just what you need. Get weather conditions for a location, as well as water temperature and swell height and direction

Rain Alert Lite 5) Rain Alert Lite

We love this app which allows users to receive an alert regarding the probability it will rain in a specific location at a specific time. That's what we call being prepared.