Whether you're travelling by train or bus, tram or tube, your smartphone can be helpful when navigating public transport to make your way across the UK. There are apps that offer train times and provide information on live departures and arrivals, along with those that let you purchase tickets, plan your journey and even wake you app if you fall asleep while travelling. Here's five of the best public-transport related apps for Apple iPhones.

Train Times UK

It may cost £4.99 but this app allows you to view access fair information, train times and even live departures and arrivals at national rail stations across the UK.


This app from the Trainline lets users purchase tickets for train travel across the UK from their smartphone.

iNap Arrival Alert

If you've been a victim of the curse of falling asleep on the train and missed your stop, or worse, woken up at the end of the line, then this is the app for you. iNap Arrival Alert allows you to set a destination and how far you want to be woken up from it, then using your handset's GPS, it'll determine where you are and wake you up when necessary.

Oyster Balance

With this app you can view your current balance on your Oyster Card as well as see your Journey History and work out how much a trip will cost you.


If you use the Tube and you're more than 15 minutes late, you are entitled to claim compensation from London Underground. However, many people don't know how long their journey is supposed to take in the first place, or can't be bothered to request and fill in the forms if they are delayed. However, with the 69p TubeTap app, you can log your journey when you start it and finish and then if you're delayed, the app will submit a refund request to Transport for London automatically. A refund voucher is then sent directly to customer.