Your smartphone can be a great resource if you're a driver thanks to the number of vehicle-related apps available. Not only can iPhone owners get directions on their handset from navigation apps, but they can even access the latest traffic information and even find out how economical their driving is. Here's five of our favourite free iPhone apps for drivers.

NavFree GPS UK & ROI

This free app offers turn-by-turn navigation through audio and on-screen instructions, along with offline map access and live search from Microsoft Bing and Google. The maps are provided by -  a Wikipedia of free maps that's updated by around 250,000 users.

RAC Traffic

RAC Traffic lets you see incidents, delays and roadworks across the UK on a Google Map. You can view a specific region or your current location and zoom in for more details on the incident.

Green Flag Rescue Me

There’s nothing worse than breaking down and not being able to tell your recovery service your exact location. However with this free app  from rescue service Green Flag, not only will you be able to pinpoint your location, you can even access expert driving tips and set alerts that will notify when your tax and MOT is due.

AA Eco Drive

According to the AA, this app is designed to measure how economically you drive your vehicle as opposed to how economical your vehicle is. Simply launch the app and select your vehicle, then place the phone securely on your dash and start driving to get a rating on just how economically you drive. It also offers tips of how to drive economically and a refuelling history that lets you see how much money your eco driving is really saving you.

iTheory Driving Test UK 2012

Whether you’re a new driver studying for your theory tests or a seasoned pro that just wants a quick brush app, this app lets you learn about the subjects covered in this year’s DVLA theory test and then even test yourself.