There are a number of apps available for smartphones, including Apple's iPhone, which utilise the handset's Wi-Fi and 3G connection to send messages, pictures, video and voice clips to other smartphone users. This can potentially save you money, as if you have unlimited 3G or Wi-Fi in your mobile phone package, you can utilise this in place of traditional text messages which your operator will charge you for. Many of these are cross-platform as well so you're not restricted to talking to friend that have the same type of phone as you. Here's five of our favourite iPhone-compatible messenger apps.

WhatsApp Messenger

It may cost 69p but WhatsApp lets you send texts, pictures, audio or video files to other WhatsApp users on the iOS, Nokia, Google Android or BlackBerry platforms using Wi-Fi or 3G, which we think is a bargain.


Working across iPhone, along with BlackBerry and Android, PingChat lets you send text messages, photos, videos and voice notes, all using your data or Wi-Fi connection rather than you SMS allowance. There's also support for group conversations


Similar to the other messengers we've listed here, iGotChatMessenger offers a 'poke' feature similar to the one seen in Facebook. It only works on iOS and Android devices however.


Similar in look and feel to RIM's BBM that only works on the BlackBerry platform, LiveProfile is another cross-platform messenger that will ensure you can message friends with iPhones as well as those using BlackBerry of Google Android devices.

Kako Talk Messenger

Kako Talk Messenger is another similar messenger service that uses 3G or Wi-Fi to send multimedia to other smartphones featuring the app. It works on iPhone or Android and even has emoticons that work on both platforms.