If you're a driver, there's nothing worse than hitting a traffic jam halfway into your journey. You could wait for a traffic report on the radio, but it may be a while before the station you're listening to broadcasts one. And while many satnavs offer traffic information, the cost of the device and the traffic service itself (as many are subscription) puts this option out of reach for many drivers. However, fear not. There are plenty of apps for smartphones, including Apple's iPhone, that bring traffic information to your smartphone. Here's five our favourite free iPhone apps for traffic.

Live Traffic Info

This official app from the Highways Agency offers traffic information for motorways and major A roads in England. The data is compiled thanks to thousands of vehicle monitors, CCTV and patrol reports from across the country.

RAC Traffic

RAC Traffic lets you see incidents, delays and roadworks across the UK on a Google Map. You can view a specific region or your current location and zoom in for more details on the incident.

AA Breakdown & Traffic

Not only will this app from the AA provide you with street-level traffic and roadworks updates, if you're an AA member, it'll also pinpoint your exact location including the street name. So if you should breakdown, you'll be able to tell the rescue service exactly where you are.

UK traffic Lite

With access to 2136 traffic cameras across the UK, this app lets you see if there are any incidents or delays on your route. You can even share the traffic new on Facebook and via email.

Michelin Traffic

Michelin Traffic offers information on roadworks and delays in the UK as well as France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Michelin says the app covers major cities and most motorways.