Smartphones offer access to all sorts of personal information, whether it's personal snaps taken on a handset's camera to online banking information, credit card details and even log-ins and passwords. In fact, should your Apple iPhone fall into the hands of criminals there'd be plenty of information they would happily extract that can help their cybercrime efforts. However, don't panic. There's plenty of apps available that can help protect you, from hiding your pictures and encrypting your passwords to blocking nuisance calls and even erasing your data. Here's five of our favourites that are also free.

Private Photo Lite Free

If you've got pictures and videos in your handset's gallery that you don't want others to see, then use this app to make them private. The app makes sure a password is needed to open the image gallery on your Apple iPhone. Furthermore, if the wrong password is entered, the app will guide whoever's using the handset to a fake image gallery ensuring your images remain private.

Stop Mobile Spam

Use this app to register your mobile phone number with and then have your telephone number removed from bulk SMS direct marketing lists, subsequently ensuring you don't receive mobile spam messages.

Biometric fingerprint access

Make you Apple iPhone more secure with the help of this biometric fingerprint security app that ensures you need to touch the screen and have your fingerprint accepted before you can access the device. It's worth noting, the app's developers are quick to point out the fingerprint is intended for entertainment purposes and does not provide true fingerprint scanning functionality. It does however give you iPhone a degree of coolness though.


This app allows you to password protect contacts stored on your phone. There's also an option to display a dummy name so that the real name of the contact will not be displayed while sending SMS and making phone calls.

Password eWallet Lite

Using this app you can securely encrypt and store your passwords and log-in details for various websites.