There are thousands of apps available for your smartphone. From apps that let you chat to friends using VoIP to games that can help you waste time, there literally is an app for everything. And learning how-to do something, such as tying a tie or drawing is no exception. There are plenty of apps for Apple iPhones that can show you how to do something. Here's our five favourite free How-to apps for iPhones.

How to Tie a Tie Free

We love the fact this free app gives you step-by-step instruction on how to tie a necktie, great if that last time you wore one was at school and your memory is a bit rusty. It's not just the traditional method either, the app will also show how to create 12 different tie knots.

Ian's Laces 10 ways to lace shoes (Lite)

With this free app you can discover 10 different lacing methods for your shoes with colour coded step-by-step instructions. Great if you fancy giving your feet some individuality.

How to Build Six Pack Abs

This app puts a wealth of advice, step by step instructions, tips, and warnings when it comes to developing a six-pack, written by 295 volunteer editors, in an easy-to-use app.

How to Say Hello in Different Languages

Learn to say Hello in a range of different languages with the help of this app.

How to Draw (Free Lessons)

Want to help your artistic-side flourish? Then check out this app that offers 18 video tutorials that will help you draw everything from faces and ands cartoon characters to graffiti and even street scenes.