If you're a student, then perhaps your smartphone is providing an unwelcome (or possibly welcome?) distraction from cramming for your latest test. However, while there's no doubt your iPhone can be a hindrance to your revision, it can also be a help. There's plenty of free apps available to aid your revision in a number of subjects such as English or Maths, or even just offer some tips to ensure your time is used a productively as possible. Many of them are free as well! Here's our five favourite iPhone apps to aid revision

Collins Revision Number Lite

GCSE Maths candidates will love this free app that offers video tutorials and real-life examples when it comes to maths related subjects to help you revise and ensuring you get top exam results.

RevisionAid Free

With RevisionAid Free you can create your own text or multiple choice questions and then a quiz in a random order to help your revision.

Do Did Done Lite

Improve your English revision by concentrating on irregular verbs with this app, you can even listen to the pronunciation of each verb.

Top 20 Exam revision tips

If you're struggling when it comes to revision, then this app is ideal. It offers tips for students to ensure their revision time is used to its fullest.

InQuizitor UK Traffic Signs

Whether you're a new driver studying for your theory or having been driving for year and just want to check you're still as knowledgeable as you thought, this app offers quizzes and challenging mini games to check just how much you know about UK road signs.