Today is April Fool's Day so why not wreak some havoc on a friend or a good-natured co-worker with a prank.

But before you resort to whoopee cushions and putting clingfilm over the toilet, check out these free downloads that will help you pull some tech-related pranks. (See also: April Fool's Day tech pranks 2010)


It's late in the day and your friend is starting to zone out a bit. It's the perfect time to launch Avoid.

Every time your friend tries to click on the Start button, it jumps away.

The Fix: Move the mouse pointer to the top-left corner of the screen, and a window will display to let you know the program has closed.


Bored with spinning around in your chair but still craving that rotational stimulus? This program may help you.

Amuse yourself and your friends with this desktop manipulator, which will randomly flip the desktop into all sorts of weird positions.

The screen can flip over, reverse, or flip and reverse. The mouse pointer also changes to a question mark to aid in the confusion.

Each time you run the program the effect is different. Never be bored again.


Put a virtual earthquake in someone's monitor. This program will shake the desktop violently, not only annoying your victim to no end but also giving their eyes a good strain.

Run this on a friend's computer when they're gone, and wait for them to arrive with that puzzled look. With a simple mouse click or a press on the keyboard, Shakedown will close.

Slippery Mouse

Load this program and watch the mouse pointer slip, slide, and accelerate across the screen.

The Fix: Carefully move the pointer until you get it over the program icon in the taskbar. Right-click and then close the program.

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