Fun with photo apps

We find great free and cheap apps to make the camera better on your iPhone or Android smartphone. Here are seven great apps that let you have fun with photos. (See also: Best smartphones of 2015.)

The camera included on smartphones have improved over the past few years, and now many Android smartphones and iPhones are better than the compact cameras we used to use. But the photo apps that come with phones haven't always kept pace with the hardware. In this article we find seven great fun apps for every Android or iPhone. They let you edit and improve photos, or play around just for fun. Best of all most are free, and those that do charge will force you to shell out only a couple of pounds a time.

Seven great apps that let you have fun with photos: Collage Creator Lite

That's right: build your own educational establishment for free with an app. (What. It's not college? Oh, right. Start again.) Okay, with Collage Creator Lite you can create a collage of your favourite photos. You can shake your phone to get the app to randomly rearrange your photos, which is fun. Or spend a little tim arranging tasteful and artistic collages. Fun and games, and nice images, for free on Android and iPhone. (You can upgrade and add features for just a couple of quid.)

Download Collage Creator Lite for iPhone.

Download Collage Creator Lite for Android.

Seven great apps that let you have fun with photos: Color splurge

Yes, black and white is arty. And yes full colour is more accurate. But what if there was a third way? What's that you say: there is? With Color Splurge you can give your photos an unusual look. This app lets you 'paint' a specific part of your photos a particular colour so that it stands out. The results are outstanding or weird depending on your artistic stylings (and the amount of time you have to kill). There are free and paid-for versions for iPhone and iPad, as well as Android.

Download Color Splurge for iPhone.

Download Color Splurge for Android.

Seven great apps that let you have fun with photos: Funny Camera

Ever fancied seeing your face on the Mona Lisa? Well now you can thanks to this app, which makes it easy to add funny frames to your pics.

Download Funny Camera for iPhone.

Download Funny Camera for Android.

Seven great apps that let you have fun with photos: Mixbooth (and the other booths)

The most fun you can have with your phone that doesn't involve a trip to A&E or the loss of your job. Mixbooth allows you to merge up photos of two different people, with hilarious effect. If you need to kill time with small children, this is the way to do it. Priceless (and free). There are loads of other 'booth' apps (Fatbooth, Hotbooth etc) that do exactly what they say on the tin. Well worth a bit of your time and money. Aging Booth is our favourite - but also our least favourite. No-one needs to see their older self in this much detail.


But mixing up two people? That's a victimless crime!


Download MixBooth for iPhone.

Download MixBooth for Android.

Seven great apps that let you have fun with photos: Paper Camera

Paper Camera provides, aside from a funky interface, a range of real-time filter effects which can also be added to existing photos. See cartoon-, drawing- and painting effects through the screen of your phone as you wave it around it. It's a good way of getting more from your iPhone or Android camera, and a great way of making the real world around you look fantastical. Paper Camera costs a couple of quid on Android and is free for iPhone.

Download Paper Camera for iPhone.

Download Paper Camera for Android.

Seven great apps that let you have fun with photos: Photo Warp

A sure-fire hit winner with any small people in your life. With Photo Warp you can give the subjects of your photos an 'interesting' new look by warping, twisting or stretching their faces. You can share your creations online, or just scare the kids with pictures of uncle Matt with a melted face. Just take a picture then warp, bend and distort it to your heart's content. A fun free app for Android and iPhone.

Download Photo Warp for iPhone.

Download Photo Warp for Android.

Seven great apps that let you have fun with photos: Pocketbooth

Ever spend time capturing group selfies in a photo booth? Waiting for the photo strip to print? No? Just me? If this is an experience with which you are familiar, you'll love the Pocketbooth app. It lets you take pictures with your phone and then produces photo strips just like a real photo booth. You can then share your photos via email or Facebook. It sounds pointless and, yes, it is. But it is also fun and strangely addictive. Great for parties or fun professional events, and only 69p.

Download Pocketbooth for iPhone.

Download Pocketbooth for Android.

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