Aerospace giant BAE Systems Military Air has revealed plans to rationalise its ERP estate using Infor LN, which will be rolled out across the UK and is expected to go live in 2015.

BAE hopes that by standardising on Infor applications, where it has opted for an off-the-shelf product that it doesn't plan to heavily customise, licensing costs can be reduced and it can benefit from efficiency improvements.

According to Infor, BAE Systems Military Air currently has several ERP systems and supports over a hundred applications.

"This transformation project is born from the simple realisation that fewer applications lead to easier management and less distraction from our core activities," said John Booth, BAE Systems' Head of Project.

"The next step in that process is to standardise on applications that do not need customisation to deliver the functionality we require, with a clear, simple upgrade path to help keep us competitive."

In addition to using Infor LN as its core ERP, BAE will implement Infor BI and Infor Enterprise Performance Management to handle analysis and reporting, all of which will be integrated using Infor's middleware product ION.

The solution will be applied across the BAE Systems Military Air organisation, including on programmes such as Typhoon, Hawk and F-35 Lightning II.

"BAE Systems MAI and other defence contractors must work smarter and faster than ever before in order to reduce the cost of defence projects in the face of ever tighter margins," said Arsenin Rodriguez, director of business consulting, aerospace and defence, Infor.

"A trusted source of live, contextual information, delivered to the right person to help them make the best decisions is a cornerstone of competitive advantage. Infor provides this new level of business information to help companies like BAE Systems MAI win on the global defence stage."