Security firm AVG has joined forces with Zbang It to offer MultiMi, a free desktop app that allows web users to keep up to date with their email, photos and social networks all from one place.

The MultiMi app, which is currently in Beta and can be downloaded for free, allows users to access different email accounts, such as Gmail and Hotmail, along with social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and even photo sites such as Picasa from the same location.

Described as a "digital cockpit" the app offers a single, real-time view of what is happening and where, making it easier to "surf, connect, share and collaborate - with anyone, anywhere".

Once the accounts have been connected to MultiMi, information from each is collected and then the software organises it into different categories. For example in messages, you can see any direct communication you have received, whether its in the form of an email, a DM on Twitter or a Facebook message. A separate area for photos means you can see all digital snaps, whether they've been sent to you as an email attachment or been posted on Facebook by your friends. Events offers a calendar that incorporates meetings and even events on Facebook you've agreed to attend while social combines your news feed from Facebook with your Twitter feed and even LinkedIn's updates.

You can reply to any message in the same way you would using an email client, but you're given the option of choosing which medium, eg Facebook, email or Twitter, you want to reply by. Meanwhile, drag and drop makes it easy to share content across the different accounts.

You can even search for information across all of the accounts and categories as well as selecting single of multiple 'connections' (someone you've received an email from, are friends with you on Facebook or follow on Twitter) and see every piece of information, from emails to Facebook posts and photos they've shared with you.

Furthermore, all links, whether they've contained in emails or posted on Facebook are scanned first using AVG's LinkScanner technology, protecting web users from malicious sites. Users can also choose how frequently they want MultiMi to update content from the various accounts and the level of notifications they receive such as pop-ups.

MultiMi also revealed it plans to support Skype in the future.

Eidan Apelbaum, founder of Zbang It, described the software as a "solution to the overwhelming number of connections" we have today. He also said it was quick and easy to set-up and empowers web users as they can see, interact and use content from one place.

J.R. Smith, CEO of AVG Technologies said: "As people spend more time online and use multiple platforms to engage, we are constantly searching for ways to simplify, improve and better secure their online experience. AVG is excited to announce MultiMi, a cutting-edge and intuitive tool to help people manage their online communications in an easy and enjoyable way".

"AVG wants to enable people to reach their digital potential by reassuring them that their digital life is safe from external threats."

MultiMi can be downloaded now from the company's dedicated web page.