Security firm AVG has launched Internet Security 2012, the latest version of its internet security software.

The latest iteration of the software benefits from a cleaner and simpler to use interface. Furthermore, the new My Apps section in the bottom left-hand corner of the software window, ensures users can directly access other AVG services, both free and paid for, such as LiveKive, its online storage solution, and parental control software Family Safety without the need to open a browser and navigate to the relevant web page.

Also new in the 2012 version of Internet Security is AVG Advice, a function that proactively monitors Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, and will alert the users via a pop-up if the browser is having a negative effect on the machine. According to AVG research the majority of browsers remain open for between 15 and 24 hours each day and in this time they get bigger and bigger with processes, subsequently slowing the machine down.

AVG has also enhanced its LinkScanner function with dynamic technology that looks at how malicious code in websites behaves when it is in the browser to further protect web users when surfing the net ensuring they don't accidentally navigate to infected websites. Furthermore, patent-pending fake AV recognition technology will protect web users from fake AV programs that encourage web users to part with their hard-earned cash and download hoax security software, by blocking them on their behavioural characteristics. The security firm also said the software uses 20 percent less memory than the previous version of Internet Security, is faster to load and has limited the number of processes it runs at one time by five. These are characteristics that are commonly asked for in feedback from its users.

Not only does AVG Internet Security 2012 protect users and their PC from threats, thanks to AVG's accelerator technology the software will also speed up video download from YouTube and binary downloads from by as much as 50 percent to ensure web users get a "faster experience on the internet as well". AVG wouldn't disclose how the technology worked however but did say it would be switched on as default, although users can disable it if they want to.

AVG Internet Security 2012 is available now from AVG's dedicated web page and is priced at £39.99.