An update to - a free online based photo-editing software that was previously known as Photoshop Express, has been postponed according to Adobe.

Originally, Adobe set November 11 as the date it planned to roll out a host of new features on The company gave no reason for the delay and has not set a new date for the update.

The biggest planned feature in the new-look will be the ability to choose among three online storage options: 20GB is available for $19.99 (£13) a year; 40GB is available for $39.99 (£26) a year; and 100GB is available for $99.99 (£65) a year.

Adobe said they will add the ability to import Google Gmail, MSN Hotmail and Yahoo Mail address books. Users will also receive regular updates on what friends post on You can go to 'Browse' and click on their favorite gallery or album to add friends and be notified as soon as they publicly post new photos.

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