Make Flickr more fun and less time consuming with these add-ons.

When it comes to sharing photographs with your friends, websites such as Flickr offer the ideal alternative to clogging up your friends' inboxes by emailing pictures.

Now, with a little outside help from third-party add-ons and applications, Flickr can be even more fun and uploading photos can become a lot less time consuming.

Spell with Flickr

Create your own ransom note with Input any word, phrase or sentence and the site, will scour Flickr for pictures of letters to spell out your message.

You can change individual letters in the collage created by the website to your taste by clicking on the letter. When you're happy with it, copy and paste the HTML and share with whoever you want.

Word association with Flickr

Tagnautica offers the online equivalent of Mallet's Mallet - the 80s kids TV word association game hosted by Timmy Mallet.

Visit Tagnautica and enter a tag of your choice. The website crawls Flickr to identify all images featuring that tag.

You can then view the images by clicking the tag in the centre or view the images that Tagnautica has identified, all of which are tagged with words relating to your original search. For example, we typed in Hamster which came back with 35,809 different images.

Tagnautica also offered use images featuring the tags rodent, animal and fluffy, to name but a few.

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