Use these Google Android, BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm apps to locate the nearest pub, play drinking games, cure a hangover, or find a whole host of merrymaking activities. Trust us, it's what St Patrick would have wanted.

St Patrick's day: drinking apps!

Mobile phone debauchery abounds year-round, but there is nothing quite like St Patrick's Day to thoroughly test out your phone's boozy alter ego.

The 59p iPaddyWhen iPhone app will even make sure that you never lose sight of the day. It gives you a countdown to midnight in Dublin. Let the sloppy, green-beer-induced madness begin.

St Patricks Day

St Patrick's day: drinking games

Among the green rivers, parades, and pub crawls, entertainment on March 17 isn't generally an issue. Nonetheless, drinking apps can enhance your celebrations with games of the intoxicating variety.

Frat favourites include Beer Pong U (£1.19), Beer Pong Challenge (59p), and the Beer Bounce (Quarters) (59p) for the iPhone, and Beer Pong King (£1.19) for Android. Better yet, iChug for the iPhone (59p) and Android (free) uses the accelerometer built into your phone to time how long you take to down your green beer. It's as though your phone distilled the best parts of college and fit them in your pocket.

Android's Beer-Word (free) also sounds like a recipe for mildly absurd St Patrick's Day fun. The app gives you a word, blocks your phone number (using *67), and then calls a random person. Without uttering the word yourself, you have to get the stranger to say the word. Standard drinking rules apply. If you fail, you drink - but if you succeed, everyone else knocks one back. The same goes for Balance the Beer (free).

BlackBerry features BeerBuzzer ($2.99), a multiplayer beer-themed trivia game, while Palm boasts the arcade-style Beer Kegger ($9.95).

And then there's the Irish Drinking Game (£1.19). Simply shake your iPhone, receive a command, drink, and pass. Just don't blame us when a YouTube video surfaces of you doing an Irish jig or attempting to Riverdance.

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