Want the best apps available for multiple phone platforms? Here are our favourite mobile apps for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, and more.

Financial tools

Get financial news
With breaking business stories and complete in-depth market coverage in a customisable format, CNNMoney provides real-time reporting of financial news and analysis, as well as data and charts.
Free; BlackBerry, iPhone

Watch the markets
When you're on the go, consult Bloomberg Mobile for financial news, stock quotes, company descriptions, market leaders and laggers, price charts, market-trends analysis, customised lists of stocks, and more.
Free; iPhone, WebOS

Watch your money
Balance your budget on the go with the Mint mobile companion to the popular Mint.com free personal-finance site. Among other features, Mint offers real-time monthly budgets (so you know how much you can spend while you're out and about) and account-activity alerts, all within an incredibly secure app.
Free; Android, iPhone

Monitor markets
gives you can get equity and option trading, streaming data, real-time balances and positions, news, and more on your mobile device.
Free; Android, BlackBerry, iPhone

Convert currency
XE Currency can convert the currencies of more than 180 countries at up-to-the-minute rates. The app saves the last conversion just in case you may need to repeat it offline, too.
Free; Android, BlackBerry, iPhone

Report expenses at once
Expensify takes some of the hassle out of creating expense reports by allowing you to report expenses as they happen while you're on the move.
Free; Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, WebOS

Social networking apps

Share your location
On Foursquare you 'check in' whenever you hit a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bar, or even a bus line, and then you can see if other Foursquare members are there, too. You can earn badges for your check-ins, as well as receive the prestigious title of 'Mayor' if you check in to an establishment enough times.
Free; Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, WebOS

Upload in a trice
Pixelpipe Post & Upload Pro lets you post status updates and upload photos or video to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Twitter, YouTube, and other services all at once. It's a great, time-saving way to reach all your social networks.
Free; Android, iPhone, Symbian, WebOS

Network effectively
Using HootSuite, you can manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts within an elegant, clean user interface. HootSuite stands out from other social network managers for its extra features: You can schedule updates, set columns to monitor keywords and hash tags, and translate updates in other languages.
Free basic version, $3 (£1.93) premium version; Android, iPhone

Chat with all of your friends
Via BeejiveIM you can chat simultaneously on AIM, Facebook, GoogleTalk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, and Yahoo.
$10(£6.45) for a single device, $15(£9.65) for a transferable license; BlackBerry, iPhone

Share your photos easily
Use iTookThisOnMyPhone as a one-stop shop for uploading your pictures and video to photo sharing sites, including Facebook. All of your albums are hosted for free on the iTookThisOnMyPhone website.
Free; Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile

Exchange media
One the most ingenious mobile apps we've seen, Bump lets two smartphone users physically bump their devices together to share contact data, media, and bookmarks, as well as to initiate social networking connections and chat sessions. The app employs each phone's GPS radio to detect the presence of the other phone, and then establishes a Web connection with the target device in order to share data.
Free; Android, iPhone

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