If you're like us, you probably get frustrated when you start reading about brilliant apps, only to discover they're not available on your smartphone.

Fear not, we've put together this collection of the best productivity tools, utilities, and games that are compatible with a number of different smartphone platforms, so whether you've got an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Google Android or Windows Mobile handset, there's something here for you.

Productivity tools

Never forget
After you create text, photo, and audio notes with Evernote, you can synchronise them to your PC or the web. From generating recipe ideas at the farmer's market to capturing lecture notes in class, Evernote is one of those universal apps that everybody should use.
Free; Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, WebOS, Windows Mobile

Master your to-do lists
The Remember the Milk app packs a ton of features, such as the ability to set reminders, switch between incomplete and finished tasks, and sort by priority, due date, or task name.
Free app, $25 (£16) annual service subscription after a 15-day trial; Android, BlackBerry (MilkSync), iPhone, Windows Mobile (MilkSync)

Store and sync
The well-designed Dropbox syncing and sharing service lets you share folders across all of your computers. The apps for Android and iPhone (a BlackBerry app is on the way) make sure that your smartphone hosts those folders too.
Free; Android, iPhone

Scan business cards
CamCard scans business cards and adds the data to a new phone, Gmail, or Exchange contact.
$10 (£6.43) for Android, £3.49 for iPhone

Sync to the cloud
is a web-based file storage, syncing, and sharing service that mounts just as a network drive does.
Free; Android, iPhone, WebOS


Speak a command
Vlingo replaces every instance where you have to type on your smartphone with voice commands. It covers your phone's basic messaging functions, voice calls, Facebook updates, and personal notes. On Android and BlackBerry, the app will even read your incoming messages to you.
Free basic version, premium version varies in cost by platform; Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian

Check your speed
The Ookla tool checks the upload and download speeds you're getting from your wireless network.
Free; Android, iPhone

Retrieve a lost phone
With SmrtGuard you can remotely track - and lock - your smartphone if it goes missing. The Pro version lets you perform automatic wireless backup and restore.
Free basic version, premium version is $5 (£3.21) per month after a 30-day trial; Android, BlackBerry

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