Nearly four in five Brits purchase software online without checking out reviews of the product first, says

Research by the software download service, in conjunction with YouGov, revealed that 27 percent of men, compared to 16 percent of women, said they research a piece of software online before parting with their hard-earned cash.

One in five PC users said they were more likely to buy the software on disc, while 21 percent said they preferred to download the product straight from the web. said on the whole, the younger generations steered towards download, while older generations preferred to purchase physical copies of the program.

Furthermore 18 percent of PC users admitted they have lost money when switching machines because they didn't move their software across

Dirk Lebzien, vice president of, was concerned about software buyers who are not "getting their money's worth" from the industry.

"Some UK software buyers have admitted they are confused about how to transfer software they've already paid for onto a new PC," he said.

"The industry needs to work harder to make these processes simpler, which is why we at Softwareload offer secure storage. So if they need to replace their PC for any reason, customers can easily re-install their software."

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