Mozilla's Firefox web browser offers much more customisability than Microsoft's Internet Explorer ever did. Here are some tweaks you might not know about. We'll help you get better broadband performance, safeguard private and data and work more efficiently with Firefox.

While Microsoft's Internet Explorer remains the most popular web browser, there's a reason why many techies and surfers use Mozilla's Firefox browser: Control. Firefox simply offers more ways to customise the web-browsing experience, letting you get more work done in less time. Here are our favorite productivity tweaks for Firefox 2.0.

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Keep tabs on tabs

One of Firefox's most appreciated features is the browser's ability to display multiple pages that you view by clicking their tabs. But you don't have to click through menus to open a new tab; instead, just press Ctrl, T to view a blank page on a new tab, with the cursor in the address bar.

To have a link open in a new tab, either right-click the link and select Open Link in New Tab, or highlight it and click the mouse wheel.

Firefox tip I

You can have links that would normally launch a new browser window open instead in a new tab: Select Tools, Options, click the Tabs icon, choose a new tab, and click ok.

Firefox tip II

To move between tabs with the keyboard, press Ctrl, Tab to open the tab to the right, or Ctrl, Shift, Tab to go left. Or reorder your tabs by dragging them with your mouse.

To close all but one of your open tabs, right-click the one you want to keep open and select Close Other Tabs. If you accidentally close the wrong tab, press - -T to bring it back.

Firefox tip III