While Office 2010, and subsequently Outlook 2010, will be made available next week, it may take a while for many PC users switch to the new version. So we thought this was a good time to help you with the Outlook you're most likely using (and still getting used to) now - Outlook 2007.

Outlook 2007 does a lot of things that previous versions can't do, such as previewing attachments, handling RSS feeds and more. There are potential challenges to Outlook 2007 as well, such as its ability to handle .pst files from earlier Outlook versions.

In a previous article, we tackled some of the top Outlook annoyances and how to fix them. In this story, we'll give tips on how to get the most out of Outlook 2007. We've also got dozens of keyboard shortcuts and a listing of where Outlook 2007 stores its most important data and customisation files.

These tips are written for Outlook using POP3 mail, not for Outlook in an Exchange environment. However, you may find that some of the tips work in Exchange environments as well. If you've got tips of your own, let us know in the comments below.

Note: This article assumes that you know the basics of Outlook navigation.

Just as a reminder, Outlook has multiple panes, notably the Navigation pane for getting to the main parts of Outlook such as email, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks. Outlook 2007 also includes parts of the new Ribbon interface found in other Microsoft Office 2007 applications, including Word 2007, Excel 2007 and PowerPoint 2007.

For some reason, the Ribbon wasn't introduced across the board in Outlook 2007 as it was with those other apps. So, for example, on the main Outlook screen there's no Ribbon, but when you open or compose an email, the Ribbon appears.

The good news is that the Ribbon appears more consistently in Office 2010 - not that that helps Office 2007 users any.

If you need help finding your way around the Ribbon, see our Word 2007 cheat sheet.

Now, on to the tips!

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