There has been a lot of talk regarding safety and privacy on Facebook and Twitter, but what about the others? We asked security expert Janus R. Nielsen from MySecurityCenter how to stay safe on Pinterest and Tumblr .

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How to use Pinterest safely

Pinterest works as an online pin board, where you can collect, organize and share your favourite pictures. It was first introduced in the U.S. in 2010, and now after just three years Pinterest is the fourth most popular social networking site in the world.

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In July 2013 about 2 million people had accounts on Pinterest. A recent update Pinterest has implemented is a feature that allows you to sign up for email notifications. The notification will automatically let you know if there is a price reduction on a product that you have previously "pinned". Product pins has proven to be popular since they combine social networking and e-commerce.

With this new feature you have to be careful when using Pinterest. There have been numerous examples of cyber criminals posting fake pins containing scams. The pins usually promise a prize if you help them fill out a questionnaire. Every time a user fills out a questionnaire, the hackers earn some money and the user is left with no prize.

However, some links are real and so is the actual gift certificate or prize.

Just remember to be careful, look at the URL and if it looks untrustworthy, then don't click on it. For additionally security when using Pinterest, you can go into the settings and choose whether you want to connect your account with your other social media accounts. The more platforms you connect with, the greater access they have to your personal information.

You can also choose whether you want to be visible in search engines such as Google. In the end, common sense should prevail. Think about how much you want to publish your life, your interests and your personal information.

How to use Tumblr safely

Tumblr was founded in 2007 and has gained much popularity over time. It's a micro-blogging platform with more than 138 million users. See our guide to discovering the benefits of using Tumblr.

"Previously Tumblr was known as a place for blogs containing porn-related content but today this accounts for only 10-12 percent. There has been many discussions as to whether Tumblr is safe for everyone to use. In my opinion it is, as long as you take the proper precautions", said Janus R. Nielsen. Go to settings under the dashboard, where you can mark the box 'Browse tag pages in Safe Mode'. By having this feature enabled, you make sure to stay clear of NSFW (not safe for work) blogs.

If you have posted NSFW content on your blog, Tumblr requests you  go to settings and select the bottom option on the left side (which is the name of your blog) and tick the box, 'Flag this blog as NSFW ' under Directory. By doing so, you ensure that people who have chosen to browse in Safe Mode avoid this content. In the new version of Tumblr, a critical security breach has been removed.The security breach made it possible for hackers to intercept passwords using a false login pop up.

Tumblr is now focusing much more on security than when the site started, something which is necessary with the huge number of new users every month.

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