The social media giant that is Facebook is taking the plunge and going public. So while the buzz around the world's second most popular website (pipped only by Google) is higher than ever, we have prepared a quick fact sheet for you to glance your eyes over and gain knowledge to impress your friends with…or not.

1. 500 million hours are spent browsing Facebook in the UK every month.

2. The term 'Facebook' is the most popular search typed into all search engines. It ranks top in Google, Yahoo and Bing. The dominance doesn't stop there either, 'Facebook login' and 'fb' are also part of the top 10 most searched for items.

3. 12% of Facebook's revenue comes via Zynga (Farmville).

4. Facebook is the second biggest traffic referrer in the UK, In December an impressive 7.5% of visits to all websites came from the social network.

5. Facebook receives 50% of all visits to social networks in the UK. It is 17 times bigger than Twitter in Britain.

6. Mancunians are the most prolific users of Facebook in the UK. They are 9% more likely to visit the website than people from any other city in the UK.

7. The average time a user spends on Facebook is 22 minutes.

8. For every one Facebook fan your company gets you can expect a return of 20 extra vistas on average over a 12 month period.

9. Facebook's average daily traffic in the UK is a whopping 40 millions hits.

10. One in every six page views in the UK is on a Facebook page.

Source: Experian