Social Networks Feature

  • facebook cryptocurrency

    Facebook is hiring cryptocurrency specialists

    A Facebook cryptocurrency could be seen in 2019

    19 Dec 2018

  • gabmain

    Twitter rival Gab under pressure after Synagogue attack

    Gab describes itself as a defender of free speech and expression

    30 Oct 2018

  • dating apps

    The best dating apps 2018

    We round-up the best online dating sites and apps to help you find your perfect match

    05 Oct 2018

  • fix facebook

    Fix Facebook: Is Facebook Down?

    Having trouble with Facebook? Try these tips to fix connection problems

    12 Jul 2018

  • best secure messaging apps main

    Best secure messaging apps

    Keep your conversations private by using these free secure-messaging apps

    10 Jul 2018

  • how to delete twitter account main

    How to delete a Twitter account

    Done with the hashtags and retweets? Here's how to get rid of Twitter once and for all

    02 Jul 2018

  • Tinder

    How to use Tinder

    Our Tinder guide will help you find love with the world's biggest dating app

    28 Jun 2018

  • is slack down

    Is Slack Down?

    Is Slack down or is it just you?

    27 Jun 2018

  • whatsapp dropping support older phones

    WhatsApp Dropping Support for Older Phones - Are You Affected?

    WhatsApp will no longer support selected Android, iPhone, Windows, Nokia and BlackBerry phones

    22 Jun 2018

  • snapchat clear chats

    Snapchat will let you unsend messages, but there's a catch

    Clear Chats are coming soon in latest app update

    13 Jun 2018

  • is twitter down

    Is Twitter down?

    If Twitter isn't working for you, here's how to tell whether it's just you it isn't working for if Twitter is down

    17 Apr 2018

  • is instagram safe for kids

    Is Instagram safe for kids?

    Instagram isn't for kids, and here's why

    12 Mar 2018

  • main1

    Can you make calls on Instagram?

    Calling on Instagram would make the platform much more rounded, but you can do it yet?

    06 Mar 2018

  • mobile lifestyle 59

    Is Facebook safe for kids?

    Facebook is a social networking site that isn’t designed for kids, but many still use it

    16 Feb 2018

  • is musically safe for kids

    Is safe for kids?

    It's a popular app with kids, but is safe for them to use? We explain

    29 Jan 2018

  • is twitter safe for kids

    Is Twitter safe for kids?

    Here's what you need to know about Twitter and if it's safe for kids to use

    26 Jan 2018

  • is snapchat safe for kids thumb

    Is Snapchat safe for kids?

    Snapchat is one of the most popular apps for youngsters. Here’s what you need to know about the app

    15 Jan 2018

  • best alternatives to facetime for android whatsapp

    Best alternatives to FaceTime for Android

    Video-chat with friends using these great Android apps

    29 Nov 2017

  • what me too mean

    What does ‘Me too’ mean?

    The latest viral social media campaign may have you baffled, but there's a shockingly simple explanation

    17 Oct 2017

  • fb try

    What is Facebook Watch?

    Can 'Facebook Watch' truly challenge YouTube's supremacy?

    05 Sep 2017

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