Virtualisation is the underlying technology that is bringing about change in the industry, according to VMware president and chief operating officer, Carl Eschenbach.

He was speaking at the VMware Partner Exchange conference in Sydney.

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Eschenbach said the company's vision moving forward is to focus on and deliver IT-as-a-service, especially since its recent study showed only 20 per cent of its customers have adopted it in their virtualisation journey.

"When you look at the size and scope of the services industry, there is a $41.5 billion opening there. This is where the opportunity lies."

Eschenbach claimed it will look into the software-defined datacentre, the hybrid Cloud, and the transition of PC to mobility in its direction towards delivering IT-as-a-service.

"The underpinning to everything that is happening in our industry, including the software-defined datacentre, is virtualisation. That is the journey we need to continue on," he said.

VMware Cloud infrastructure and management executive vice-president, Raghu Raghuram, said the growth of Cloud and mobility trends were vital in business transition.

"It is the building block that enables our enterprise customers and our service provider partners to build, develop, and operate their datacenters with more levels of efficiency that what was available," he said.

But according to Raghuram, the hardest part to get right is the storage element.

To simplify storage form factors, he suggested businesses embrace virtual volumes, distributed storage (virtual SAN), virtual flash, and virtual data services.

"They will revolutionise how storage works in the software-defined datacentre."

VMware A/NZ channel director, John Donovan, said its channel partners are the key driver in this focus.

"Your customers are going to be looking to you as the trusted advisor. You have got to be confident and engaged around the technological transformational change happening in the industry," he said.

He highlighted that channel partners should take advantage of three areas for enhanced margin opportunities, which include having a differentiated business, utilising incentives and rewards, as well as expanding their customer network.

"Think about what actions you can take to arm yourselves for this change. There are great commercial opportunities, profit margin opportunities, and opportunities to build on relationships," Donovan added.

The company also announced that it will soon launch a range of products, which include a new public Cloud offering.