Technology stands still for no man, and 2010 has been a bumper year of firsts, scandals and spats. It was, for instance, the year that saw the rebirth of the Tablet PC, the abrupt, scandalous departure of HP's CEO, and the first signs that Goverments are prepared to stand up to Google's potentially monopolous position.

But what mattered to you this year? Looking at the most popular news stories on PC Advisor in 2010, it seems that broadband, PC security, the ongoing hand-wringing over who takes responsibility for illegal file sharing and, well, sexy new products - especially Tablet PCs. Here then, are the Top 10 Most Popular Technology News Stories of 2010.

Number 10: BT upgrades phone broadband bundle customers to fibre for free

There's no doubt about it, 14 years after the term was first popularised 'broadband' and just how broad it is remains a subject of some contention (if you'll pardon the pun). We published literally dozens of popular stories about broadband adoption, and putative improvements in the UK's data infrastructure, and you responded with hundreds of comments.

This particular story saw BT is offering customers that take a phone and broadband bundle the chance to upgrade to its fibre service for free, when it becomes available in their area.

The fibre service, which is known as BT Infinity, was launched in January this year and offers download speeds of 'up to' 40Mbps and upload speeds 'up to' 10Mbps. Prices start from £19.99 per month for the service, which BT claims is cheaper and faster than its cable competitor, Virgin Media.

Number 9: Apple iPad 2 coming by end of 2010

2010 was most definitely the year of the Apple iPad. It wasn't, as it turns out, the year of Apple iPad 2 - you can expect that sometime in the spring of 2011. Or so we think.

Back in August we thought a 7in iPad would be launched in time for the Christmas rush. We, and the rest of the world, were wrong (or misled), but it's fair to say the idea of an updated iPad was a very popular one.

Number 8: Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 9 beta

Nothing stokes the first quite like the release of a much anticipated, big name product, and few products are as widely used (and occasionally reviled) as Microsoft's once ubiquitous Internet Explorer web browser. Is it the answer to Microsoft's declining share of the web browser market? Is it faster than Chrome, as some critics claimed?

Probably not on both counts, but Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is a major step forward for Microsoft, and its launched certainly caught your attention.

Number 7: Microsoft launches Windows Fix-It tool

Everything Microsoft does is big news because, well, it's Microsoft. And when it involves a free tool that helps users of Windows it affects just about everybody. A twist on the old marketing adage 'win, free, sex', 'Windows, free, fix' was a sure-fire winner straight out of the box.

MIcrosoft launched its self-support service for Windows XP and Vista users in April. Relying on technology baked into Windows 7, it's a combination of desktop client and back-end service that gives users of older versions of Windows some of the same functionality that only Windows 7 provides by default, and it's free.

What's not to like? (Hint: the fact that it's required in the first place.)

Number 6: Latest information on UK iPhone 4 stockists

...and if Microsoft makes for big news in the technology world, Apple can at times seem as if it is the entire technology world. For a company that retains a morbid suspicion of the media, Apple enjoys incredible coverage.

At first glance this may not seem like a 'news' story, but our regularly updating story about which mobile providers were offering Apple's latest Jesus phone, and what they intended to charge for it, remained popular for months as anticipation built toward the product's eventual launch. For the latest deals on the Apple iPhone 4, visit our dedicated Apple iPhone 4 deal comparison page.

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