Two thirds of UK small businesses are still working without any internet connection, email or website, new research has revealed.

A survey of more than 580 small businesses with fewer than 10 staff found that just 200 had internet access.

Of the businesses that did have internet access, 37 percent were using a consumer internet package rather than a business-grade service and gave out business cards with consumer email addresses on, the survey carried out by Dynamic Markets for broadband provider UK Online found.

The survey found that 17 percent of small businesses that were online were still using dial-up connections, while 18 percent had no anti-virus software.

Shane Redding, chair of the Institute of Direct Marketing's B2B council, said: "Small businesses have been relatively slow to reap the rewards that an effective online presence can bring. There is a clear need for small business owners to better understand the opportunities available so that they can continue to thrive and compete against larger businesses."

The survey echoed findings from research published last month based on a survey of 179 attendees from the SME sector at the Internet World event in London.

Even though the sample included larger businesses and was conducted at an Internet trade show, the survey found that one in 10 of the SMEs did not have a Web site, while six out of 10 said their site did not reflect their brand.