Hewlett-Packard (HP), has partnered with Chase Bank, Nairobi for a converged hardware infrastructure to accommodate its new software platform that runs core banking operations. The hardware solution is based on modules which will enable the bank grow at its on pace to achieve business agility.

The bank, which is undergoing technological advancement in its core banking systems, will benefit from having various reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) features to sustain its sixteen branches located in strategic urban and peri-urban centers within the country.

Chase Bank C.E.O Duncan Kabui said "The systems enhancement is necessary to compliment the banks continuous growth in customer base. The bank will continue to leverage on technology to ensure we provide our customers with innovative and timely solutions and products."

The USD 400,000 worth signed contract between Chase Bank and HP, will enable HP to offer the Blade Scale Architecture, a hardware solution to effectively run the bank's core banking Ssoftware providing it with a flexible foundation for its IT functions.

HP East Africa Managing Director Mr. Ken Mbwaya said "HP is offering enterprises a solution for tomorrow's business which is converged infrastructure". He added that, the solution will seek to align business demands and revolutionize operations.

"We're using technology to ensure seamless, secure connections between people and information--delivered in the right place, at the right time. We are helping to improvethe way people live, the way businesses operate, and the way the world works through products, solutions, and services that transform data into value, bytes into experiences, and noise into knowledge. And because of our unique size, scope, and scale, we can get better information into the hands of more people all across the globe" Mr Mbwaya added.

The solution has unified blade architecture from x86 to HP superdome allowing consolidation of applications on a common platform. It also delivers Flexfabric which is a virtual fabric that enables enterprises to flexibly scale resources to any workload.

Furthermore it delivers Always-on resiliency that is backed by over 100 innovations for business continuity. It also has Matrix Operating Environment which offers a common management platform that helps to provision infrastructure for applications in minutes.