The percentage of Hong Kong firms that outsource IT infrastructure will be higher than the global average starting 2015, said Savvis that recently released its global IT leadership survey.

According to Savvis, 50 Hong Kong companies participated in the survey and 38% of them have a headcount of more than 1,000. Many of these firms are from sectors including financial services, manufacturing and automotive, and media and publishing.

According the survey results, 16% of Hong Kong companies will have their IT infrastructure in the outsourced cloud by 2015, compared to 15% across the globe. By 2018, 36% of Hong Kong firms will do the same, compared to the global average of 25%.

In addition, the outsourced cloud will be home to IT infrastructure of 42% of Hong Kong firms, versus the global average of 35%.

Hong Kong firms believe that outsourcing IT infrastructure can reduce cost (44%), improve service quality (40%) and enhance infrastructure security (38%) for their organizations, according to Savvis.

Increased IT agility for changing business needs (60%), flexible contract and payment terms (42%), keeping infrastructure secure and available (42%) and eliminating dependency on legacy infrastructure (38%) are the top reasons for Hong Kong organizations to increase the percentage of infrastructure that they outsource.

According to Savvis, Hong Kong IT professionals interviewed during the survey revealed that data center facilities, storage, e-commerce applications as well as non-mission critical applications--which are managed in-house now--should be outsourced in the next 12 months.