An evolving IT supply chain, business adoption of cloud platforms for IT services, and greater business use of handsets and smartphones are creating new revenue streams for both IT and mobile suppliers serving businesses.

By 2015, more than 240 million business customers will be leveraging cloud computing services through mobile devices, driving revenues of $5.2 billion.

According to ABI Research practice director Dan Shey, "The immediate opportunity lies in leveraging cloud platforms to develop mobile applications, particularly mobile applications that leverage enterprise data.

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"Directly and indirectly, Microsoft and Google are major players both influencing and enabling these developments. Mobile operators have the most to gain through offers of cloud services to the enterprise leveraging their networks, application enablement, and data centreers."

In the longer term, the expansion of cellular connected devices beyond smartphones and laptops to MIDs, netbooks and smartbooks will further expand use of cloud services.

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Says Shey, "The longer term opportunity is in mobile devices accessing IT services from the cloud and paying for access on a per-use basis. With the economics of cloud services expanding IT services access to the SMB market, and more cellular connected devices in the market for business customers, enterprise mobile cloud computing services will experience tremendous growth....and become more than just 'water vapour'."

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