UK firms need to ensure they are not relying on out dated or insecure technologies to back-up critical data, warns KeepItSafe.

According to the online backup company, everyone, including Santa Claus, could be affected in the event of a disaster such as losing power to their servers.

KeepItSafe said if Old Saint Nick lost power to his Lapland headquarters and several servers crashed it would result in data such as lists of the presents children had requested being lost.

Managing director Eoin Blacklock urged firms to "wise up" when it comes to protecting mission critical data over the Christmas period.

"It is a period when offices close for long periods of time, employees are in and out at irregular intervals and, just like Santa's experience, the weather can also play havoc. This often leads to data backups falling by the wayside, unforeseen downtime and the potential for data loss when a restore fails," said Blacklock.

According to the London Chamber of Commerce, 90 percent of companies go out of business within two years of a major data loss Blacklock warns businesses to consider what they would do if they suffered a data loss during the festive period.

"In those circumstances you need to be confident that the data was backed up in the first place and that critical data can be restored quickly and reliably. Manual backup to tape, still the most common strategy, can make that difficult to achieve at best and impossible at worst. It makes much more sense to automate the process with a reliable online backup partner," he said.

Blacklock advised firms to ensure all information crucial to the day-to-day functioning is backed-up offsite.