CSC will compensate the Danish national police 40 million kroner (US$6.7 million) to end a failed, years-long project that was to have modernized computer systems for the police.

The combined value for all aspects of the settlement agreement, including the cancellation of payment obligations and total financial compensation, related to the Polsag project comes to 136 million kroner, the two sides said Tuesday. CSC will pay the police 25 million kroner in cash as part of the compensation agreement, they said.

"I think we have achieved a satisfactory financial clarification on our balances with CSC on Polsag, which means that we can again look forward and initiate the process to find the future of IT solutions to support the police," said Nicholas Roads, the finance director for the national police in a statement.

CSC also heralded the settlement agreement. "The national police is an important and significant customer for CSC, and we are delighted that circumstances concerning the termination of Polsag now been finally clarified," the company said.

"We look forward to continuing the good and long-term cooperation on the other tasks we perform for the national police," said CSC director Jens Schmidt in a written statement.

The national police dropped the Polsag project in February of this year after spending a half a billion kroner on the system, which was beset by delays and cost overruns.