CSC Denmark told employees Wednesday that a planned reorganization will lead to layoffs of 450 employees across the Nordic region, with most of those being cut in Denmark.

CSC public relations officer Kim Ege Moeller confirmed the layoff news. "Trade unions as well as staff members will be part of discussions of how to implement the 450 people reduction," Moeller said.

Those discussions will lead to a decision on an actual number of layoffs, but it is definite that the workforce must be reduced by 450 jobs, according to Moeller.

Negotiations are expected to take place in the next couple of months.

No specific group of employees will be targeted in the layoffs, Moeller added, so employees involved in the failed Polsag technology project for the Danish police force are not being specifically targeted.

"It's impossible to pinpoint any target group. The cuts will be scattered," Moeller said. Reductions may include all departments and organizational levels -- top levels as well, Moeller confirmed.

CSC recently transferred more than 300 employees to its competitor Tata TCS -- a headcount not included in the 450 jobs that will be cut.

John Wash, the CDC's Nordic manager, described the cuts as an "inevitable" part of the reorganization process, which is aimed at "ensuring our customers the optimal product flexibility, growth and quality."

CSC will make an effort to ensure that a major part of the reductions can be reached through voluntary and natural retirements.

CSC has been embroiled by allegations and federal investigations of fraud and shareholder lawsuits in a number of countries, including Denmark, the U.S. and Australia, while in the U.K. the company continues to be mired in the effects of the failure of the major NHS National Programme for IT