Big Data requirements and use cases in Australia are consistent with the US, according to MapR.

CEO and co-founder, John Schroeder, said telco, financial services and Web 2.0 companies typically face similar challenges and business pressures regardless of region.

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"They are taking advantage of new data sources with a platform that can do much more processing to reduce customer churn, improve trade analytics, and offer better fraud and risk detection," he said.

MapR has expanded is business into eleven countries, including Australia, which Schroeder describes as an "important target market for any serious technology vendor."

Hopes for Oceania

Currently, about 30 per cent of MapR's revenue is from outside of the US, and Schroeder said that slice has "grown quickly in a short period of time."

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"If you look at a regional level, we have done well in Northern Europe, UK, Japan and Korea," he said.

"Now we're starting to see some good business uptake in Australia, especially with telco, financial services and Web 2.0 organisations."

The company's VP of Asia-Pacific is based in Singapore, and Justin Bock was appointed A/NZ country manager in February to overlook the region.

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