Half of IT and Business decision makers in Asia Pacific want to improve the use of data and analytics, according to a new Forrester report.

This improvement is aimed to be done over the next 12 months. Forty-three percent of the executives surveyed in the fourth quarter of 2012 want to improve IT project delivery performance in the coming months.

Forty-two percent want to improve IT budget performance and 36 percent want to develop new skills to support technology and business innovation.

Thirty-four percent want to reorganise IT to better align with business outcomes and drive innovation.

Although organisations in Asia Pacific have increased their investments in business intelligence tools, technologies, and strategies, there is a significant barrier to adoption due to lack of internal expertise.

Improving adoption of business tools

Forrester suggests businesses to carefully evaluate and select external consultants with well-documented BI project experience to increase adoption of these tools.

Asia Pacific is experiencing rapid growth and businesses should begin to use more agile development models for BI initiatives to respond to this pace of change.

This report also identifies limited access to IT resources as a barrier to project success and data-related regulatory compliance across the region has added complexity to formulating strategy for business intelligence.

To overcome all these obstacles, enterprises should find out how the service provider can help drive organisational change and gauge the provider's commitment to their success during early project scoping.

Although it is difficult for organisations to measure all evaluation criteria, they should consider them carefully before choosing the service provider to increase the success of their business intelligence projects.