72 per cent of the Asia-Pacific organisations find the exponential growth and complexity of data as a top data management challenge, according to a CommVault Survey.

70 per cent of executives agreed that their financial or operational business areas would be most jeopardised by data loss.

84 per cent of transactional data is currently being captured across all organisations in the Asia-Pacific region, and only 73 per cent of it will be effectively analysed.

38 per cent of all respondents prefer a end-to-end solution that allows protection, management and access of all data from one single platform.

"The real opportunity exists in combining internal sources of data, like customer data, with external sources like social networking and location," said Daniel-Zoe Jimenez, IDC senior program manager of Big Data and Analytics, Data Management, and Enterprise Applications. "This can help organisations gain a holistic view of their customer transactions and circumstances, enabling them to understand preferences, habits, and future requirements - all in context."

Data growth in China

Comcast notes Mary Meeker's Internet Trends Report in 2013, according to which 26 per cent of organisations in the nation are managing more than 50 TB of data.

39 per cent of organisations in China are expecting data to grow by 20-50 per cent in 2014.

"According to statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China now has 1.23 billion mobile phone users, which creates unique challenges for IT departments in major Enterprise organisations," said Rick Theiler, vice president, Sales, Asia Pacific theatre for CommVault.

58 per cent of data is stored on-premise in databases, 28 per cent in an on premise data center and 11 per cent is on premise across multiple sites.