More than four in five (88 percent) of office workers admit to sending emails and messaging colleague during conference calls, says LifeSize.

Research by the video communications provider revealed 84 percent also admitted to pressing mute during a conference call to converse with colleagues. Furthermore, 62 percent say they become easily distracted by other tasks during conference calls and 56 percent even draft reports and letters in a bid to save time.

"With many using multiple media simultaneously, often when on the phone, the distractions this can cause raise concerns over the role traditional conference calls play in the modern business environment," said Michael Stephens UK and Ireland Director at LifeSize.

"Video calls help diminish the temptation to be distracted by other things, which is an important asset to employees who find themselves pushed for time during their working day."

LifeSize also revealed that a toilet cubicle during a busy event was one of the strangest places UK office workers have admitted to holding a conference call. Others said they had held conference calls from the beach while on holiday, in a hospital or doctor's waiting room and even in a pub.

"The responses indicate people will perform juggling acts or even host video conferencing calls in odd locations in order to ensure they are making time to speak to clients and colleagues in the most productive way."