More than half (54 percent) of IT managers refuse to allow 'guest' devices such as employee's own smartphones and tablet PCs to connect to their corporate network, says Netgear.

Research by the networking equipment manufacturer revealed 23 percent of IT managers reveal unsupported devices to be a 'massive' issue and 40 percent say bandwidth consumption is behind their concern.

Furthermore, nearly a quarter (24 percent) say the biggest issue is 'bottlenecking' where certain parts of the network cannot support the amount of information being relayed at the speed it is being processed.

Nearly half (46 percent) of IT managers want to upgrade their network to handle 10Gbps, but more than a third (34 percent) said they are unable to do so due to budgets, despite 82 percent admitting they've not had their IT budget cut since 2010. More than half (56 percent) admitted they have increased their spending, while 20 percent said their spending had increased 'significantly'.

Seven in ten claim they spend the majority of their budget on maintenance support and eight percent say they spend their whole budget on it. Only 15 percent spend more time on strategic IT rather than day-to-day troubleshooting tasks.

"IT leaders are being pressured to increase the productivity of the business while also saving costs," said Jonathan Hallatt, VAR director at Netgear.

"Smartphones, tablets, virtualisation, cloud computing and data hungry applications can help, but they have resulted in a surge in the amount of traffic travelling over the network. These technologies can help businesses boost efficiency, flexibility and save money, but they need a network that is both fast and resilient to function properly."