The amount of personal data on your computers that can be harvested by hackers looking to steal you identity for profit is ever growing. There are bank details, credit card information, email accounts and website log-ins for starters, and then there's the work we often find ourselves doing on personal laptops where sensitive company information is concerned.

It’s no surprise, then, to see companies working really hard to ensure that PCs are a safe as possible from any form of data theft whatsoever. One such solution from Dell is Dell Data Protection. The premise is simple - each user’s web browsers and office suites are contained in a special virtual environment away from the core operating system in a sort of computer within a computer. This allows the software to run without being at risk from malware and other attacks on the main Windows system. All data is encrypted so it’s safe when being sent to the cloud or via email too.

Depending upon which model of Dell laptop you purchase there’s a free twelve-month subscription to DDP included. Wherever you have DDP enabled you can be sure that the extra level of security will protect you from the chances of data loss. The file encryption will make your files save when you're on the move and the protected virtual environments will make certain that malware will have no way of penetrating your defences. Even where your main system may fall foul of a malware attack the second layer defence of DDP should still protect your information from being leaked.

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